Portrait with Red HairThe picture is a little out of date.  My hair is now silver.  I have returned to my home town, Estes Park, Colorado to live because it turns out I had a deficiency of mountains in my life.  I’m writing a novel with a partner (“World Enough and Time”, soon to have its own blog and/or webpage) and one on my own (“Crawfish Blues”, which I will talk about in its own category on this blog).  I’m an actress (no, not an actor) and a director and look forward to new opportunities in Estes Park to explore roles and plays.  I am an editor, both of text and of film.

In my personal life, I am a cook, seamstress and needlepointer.  I spend a lot of time reading, as most writers do, but I also watch certain TV series and movies for both professional and personal reasons.

Special interests include, but are not limited by, studying the symbology of the Tarot and learning more about I Ching.  I have a deep interest in history, archaeology and anthropology and am studying linguistics.  I am always interested in newly uncovered information about the Celts.  A lighter but no less fascinating study is that of culture and etiquette.  I have a collection of antique etiquette books I use for historical research and just for fun.  The way people live, they way they interacted with others and created cultures and civilizations intrigues me.  As a part of that, I’m exploring my ancestry, i.e., genealogy, through Ancestry.com, on which I have an account.  So far, I’ve followed my ancestors up the tree to Sweden (where language difficulties are beginning to appear — I don’t speak or read Swedish) and early Virginia.  My father’s line is being much more difficult, since I have less information to start with.

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  1. Hey Gail, we saw your post in WP.com’s forum (here: http://zem.si/1pxbZBT) and since the thread is already closed, we thought we could reach you through your blog, right here!

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    Here’s my email address: support[at]zemanta[dot]com

    Take care & I’m looking forward to your reply!


  2. Hi Gail, I was watching the news about the fires and that got me to thinking about the summer I spent in Estes in the late 70’s. I googled Estes and found your blog. Wondering if you did any theater at the Elkhorn Lodge in the late 70’s, specifically “The Fourposter”? I was the costume designer and had come out from CA. I always remember what a wonderful place Estes Park was.

    Great blog. You have a wonderful way of painting word pictures, that makes it easy to feel like I’m right there with you. Hope with all the fires you’re safe.

    Rebecca Stewart
    Enfield, NH

    • Thanks so much for the very kind words. I was evacuated! Very scary day, the day of the fire. I acted in “The Fourposter” at the Elkhorn one summer, I think 79, but I can’t remember for sure. I also acted in the other show we did that summer, if I’m remembering right, “The Matchmaker” as Mrs. Malloy. The next year I produced and directed “Butterflies Are Free”. I’m so glad that the demands of summer theatre still allowed you to remember Estes Park fondly. It was a good summer. I moved back here just three years ago after many years in Los Angeles and New York. From the name of your blog, I assume you still work in costume, sewing, fabric. I always wanted to do that, work in costume. I think I watched “The Lord of the Rings” trilogy as much for the glorious costumes as anything else! What are you up to these days? As you can see, I’m a blogger and a writer mostly.

      • Funny, I moved back to SoCal the year after seeing you last (I recall a lovely day at your home having lunch & watching the deer out your back window). So wish I had known you were there too! For the last 14 years I, with my husband of 20 years, have been living a fairly quite country life in NH. The intervening years are a story for another time. You have my email, so feel free to contact me there & I’ll fill you in. I have a costume design business and it keeps me pretty busy. Another funny thing. . . I was going through my show photos the other day and came across one of you in the “Fourposter”, standing over Bob looking very stern, in the gown I made for you. Happy to say my skills have improved quite a lot since then. I’ll be happy to forward a copy to you if you like.I’ve wanted to do that show again, it’s so well written. I had forgotten about the Matchmaker, thanks for reminding me. That was an interesting summer in many ways ;D!
        Glad to hear your safe, hopefully things will get under control soon & your life can return to normal. to
        Thanks for replying. I remember our experience together fondly.

  3. You are my breathing in, I own few web logs and sometimes run out from post :). “He who controls the past commands the future. He who commands the future conquers the past.” by George Orwell.

  4. Thanks a lot for being the instructor on this issue. I enjoyed your article quite definitely and most of all enjoyed reading the way in which you handled the issues I regarded as controversial. You’re always extremely kind towards readers really like me and help me in my existence. Thank you.

  5. Judging by your archive list am I right in thinking that this blog is fairly new Gail? If that is the case I hope you find the experience rewarding. Finding things to write about shouldn’t be much of a problem looking at your profile. Have fun

    Shirley Anne

  6. Well, Gail, your neophyte blogging efforts seem to be successful! Keep it coming. I’d write more, but I seem to have writer’s block.

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